What Is Elm Wood Used For?

What Is Elm Wood Used For?

Elm trees have been used for many things throughout history, including floorboards for wagons, medicine, and furniture. Not to mention, these majestic trees can live for hundreds of years, providing shade and beauty to landscapes. In this article, we’ll go through the many uses of elm wood, and what kinds of things can be made … Read more

What Can You Make With Elm Wood

How Do I Know If My Elm Tree Is Dying?

Discovering that something is wrong with a beloved tree on your property can be devastating. But the good news is that not all tree diseases are deadly. If you suspect your tree is sick or dying, the best course of action is to contact a local arborist or tree service professional. In the meantime, read … Read more

What Is Wrong With My Elm Tree?

How To Treat Dutch Elm Disease?

Dutch elm disease is caused by a fungus that is spread via elm bark beetles. Since its accidental introduction into Europe and America, it has wreaked havoc on native elm tree populations. Dutch elm disease has destroyed over 40 million trees in America alone since its appearance in the 1920s. This article will tell you … Read more

where do elm trees grow

Where Do Elm Trees Grow?

Elm trees can thrive in a variety of climates. Although they can withstand less than ideal growing conditions, it’s best to adhere to recommendations on where to grow them to ensure a well-established, healthy tree.  Where Do Elm Trees Like To Grow? According to the USDA’s plant hardiness map, elm trees are hardy from zones … Read more

What is Elm Wood Good For

How To Identify An Elm Tree?

Elm trees are one of the most common trees, with many varieties spread throughout the Northern Hemisphere. The elm genus, Ulmus, is valuable for many reasons. They provide shade in landscaping, habitats for wildlife, and their wood has many uses. In this article, we’ll talk about identifying various types of elm trees.  How Do You … Read more

How Old Can a Chestnut Tree Get

What Is My Chestnut Tree Worth?

Many people don’t think of trees as something that has monetary value. You may view a tree on your property as an asset for aesthetic or environmental purposes, but in reality, there are financial benefits as well. A chestnut tree in your yard, for example, can be particularly advantageous. In this article, we’ll talk about … Read more

how long does it take for a chestnut tree to bear fruit

How Long Before A Chestnut Tree Bears Fruit?

Chestnut trees are a great addition to any habitat and/or property. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but many varieties produce delicious nuts as well. Depending on the type of chestnut you have, you may be able to harvest them for a profit. This article looks at the growth of chestnut trees, and how long … Read more

how do i know if my chestnut tree is worth money

What Happened To The American Chestnut Tree?

The American chestnut tree was once a majestic species – one of the tallest and quickest-growing trees in the country. But what was once a valuable food and wood source for the United States was all but wiped out by a devastating disease. In this article, we’ll discuss what killed the American chestnut tree, and … Read more

how to germinate a chestnut tree

How To Grow A Chestnut Tree?

Chestnut trees are large, majestic trees that come in many varieties around the world. Depending on the species, the nuts may or may not be edible. They are also easy trees to grow and maintain. In this article, we’ll talk about how to grow your own chestnut tree, and how long it will take.  How … Read more

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