where do wrens roost in winter

Where Do Wrens Sleep At Night?

Wrens are tiny birds with big personalities. Though their loud trilling calls are familiar sounds in many parts of the world, these shy birds often try to stay out of sight of humans. Part of how they do this is by choosing safe, sheltered places to roost. What are some of these places? Where do … Read more

What is a Sapsucker

Sapsucker Vs Woodpecker: How To Tell The Difference

Knock-knock-knock; you hear a familiar sound coming from the trees in your yard. You may automatically think you’re hearing a woodpecker, but did you know there are other birds that also hammer on trees? In this article, we’ll compare the sapsucker vs. the woodpecker, discussing each type of bird in detail, their similarities and differences, … Read more

birds that sound like owls

10 Birds That Sound Like Owls

Have you ever thought you heard an owl hooting during the daytime? Or perhaps you’ve heard high-pitched bird calls at night and simply assumed an owl was making them, even if the sounds didn’t have the classic “hoot-hoot” rhythm. In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the birds that sound like owls … Read more

Hawk Vs Eagle

Hawk Vs Eagle: Side By Side

You look up and see a large bird soaring on the breeze far above you. What kind of bird is it, you wonder? There are many different large birds, and they are often confused for each other because they have similar appearances and color patterns. In this article, we’ll compare the hawk vs. the eagle, … Read more

How to Tell a Grackle Apart From a Crow

Grackle Vs Crow: Side By Side

You notice a group of black birds foraging for food in your yard. You may be tempted to think they are crows, but are they really? After all, there are many different kinds of black birds. In this article, we’ll compare two of these, the grackle vs. the crow, discussing their similarities and differences to … Read more

Osprey Vs Eagle: Similarities and Differences

Osprey Vs Eagle: Who Would Win?

There are many different kinds of raptors, or birds of prey. The eagle is perhaps one of the most well-known, and the osprey, at first glance, looks quite similar to an eagle. So, what are the similarities and differences between these two birds? How do they compare against each other? In a battle of osprey … Read more

What is a Symbiotic Relationship?

Warblers And Cuckoos: Their Symbiotic Relationship

Many species of cuckoo are known for leaving their eggs in the nests of other birds. This behavior represents a type of symbiosis, or a symbiotic relationship. So, what is a symbiotic relationship, you ask? What is the relationship between cuckoos and warblers? Keep reading! In this article, we’ll discuss warblers and cuckoos, their symbiotic … Read more

How Do You Identify a Sparrow

Wren Vs Sparrow: Side By Side

If you’ve ever observed small, brownish birds hopping around your yard, grazing for seeds or insects, you may have called them sparrows without actually being sure of their proper identification. The truth is, there are many small brown birds, such as wrens, that look similar to sparrows. But wrens and sparrows are not the same; … Read more

how many eggs does a house wren lay

How Many Eggs Does A House Wren Lay?

So, you set up a nesting box and had a pair of wrens move in. Now you’re curious how many babies will soon be joining the family. How many eggs does a house wren lay? What do these eggs look like, and how long will it take them to hatch? Keep reading! In this article, … Read more

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