Western Hemlock

how long do western hemlock trees live

How Long Do Western Hemlock Trees Live?

Western hemlock trees fill the evergreen forests of the Pacific Northwest, one of several species that can grow to reach giant sizes. Have you ever wondered how long it takes them to reach such sizes? How long do western hemlock trees live, how large can they grow, and what are their ideal growing conditions? Read … Read more

Is Western Hemlock a Hardwood or Softwood?

What is Western Hemlock Wood Used For?

The Pacific northwest is known for its lush evergreen forests. One of the most prevalent evergreens found in this region is the western hemlock. These trees were historically used for many different things, but did you know they still have various uses in today’s world? In this article, we’ll answer the question, “What is western … Read more

How to Plant a Western Hemlock Sapling

How Does The Western Hemlock Reproduce?

Like all plants, western hemlock trees have to have a way of continuing their species. But, being an evergreen and a conifer, these magnificent trees have a slightly different method of doing so than many of the plants you’re more familiar with. So, how does the western hemlock reproduce? What is the growth rate of … Read more

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