trees that look like oak trees

7 Trees That Look Like Oak Trees

Chances are, you know what an oak tree looks like–oaks are some of the most iconic trees throughout much of the world. But did you know there are some trees that look like oak trees? Read on to learn more about these lookalikes and how to tell them apart from true oaks. Trees That Look … Read more

How Can You Tell If Your Oak Tree is Dying

How To Save A Dying Oak Tree?

Oak trees are some of the most common trees found growing in yards and parks, and for good reason. They are very strong, tolerant trees that can withstand a variety of conditions. But what if your oak tree begins to die? Is there anything you can do to revive it? Keep reading! In this article, … Read more

what grows under oak trees

What Grows Under Oak Trees?

Oak trees provide ample amounts of shade beneath their green leafy canopies. You may find that the natural grasses in your yard tend to die out underneath your oak tree, or that patches of grass and weeds grow sparsely. So, you may be wondering: what grows under oak trees? Are there any shrubs or ground … Read more

what animals eat oak trees

What Animals Eat Oak Trees?

Oak trees are sturdy, beautiful plants. But did you know that hundreds of wildlife species depend on oak trees for survival? Read on to learn more about what animals eat oak trees, the various species that depend on oaks for shelter and survival, and what to do if oak pests are getting out of control. … Read more

oak tree companion plants

When Do Oak Trees Bloom?

Where do acorns come from? We all know they develop on oak trees, but what causes them to start growing in the first place? The answer is, they develop from oak tree flowers. Chances are, you may have seen an oak tree in bloom and not even realized it. So, when do oak trees bloom? … Read more

what oak trees produce acorns the fastest

When Do Oak Trees Produce Acorns?

If you have oak trees on your property, you know that their yearly acorn crops can be highly unpredictable. Some years you may have a bumper crop of acorns that you don’t know what to do with, while other years there aren’t even enough acorns to support a starving squirrel. So, exactly when do oak … Read more

what grows best under oak trees

How To Grow Oak Trees From Acorns?

Oak trees are strong, beautiful trees that grow natively in a variety of habitats. Did you know that with just a little bit of time and luck, you can grow your own oak trees? In this article, we’ll discuss all you need to know about how to grow oak trees from acorns.  How Do You … Read more

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