Mushrooms That Grow On Alder Trees

7 Mushrooms That Grow On Alder Trees

Many different trees play host to the thousands of mushroom species in the world, and alder trees are no exception. Curious about some of the specific types of mushroom that grow on alder trees? Read on for a list of the most common varieties. 1. Shiitake Mushrooms Shiitake mushrooms are one of the most well-known … Read more

When Do Alder Trees Bloom

When Do Alder Trees Bloom?

Alder trees are known for their distinctive flowers and seed cones, which are their top identifying features. With this in mind, you may be wondering: when do alder trees bloom? And what do their flowers look like? Keep reading as we answer these and other questions. When Do Alder Trees Bloom? Like most trees and … Read more

How To Grow Alder Trees From Seed

How To Grow Alder Trees From Seed?

Alder trees are found growing in many parts of the world, and they are a popular ornamental tree. It is possible to start your own saplings from seeds or cuttings. In this article, we’ll look specifically at how to grow alder trees from seed and answer some related questions you may have. Are Alder Trees … Read more

where do alder trees grow in the US

Where Do Alder Trees Grow In The U.S.?

Alders are pretty, fast-growing trees with a multitude of uses. They can be found growing in many different parts of the world, but what about right here at home? Do alder trees grow in the U.S., and if so, where? Read on as we answer this and several related questions. Where Are Alder Trees Found … Read more

Are Sycamore Trees Poisonous to Horses?

Which Sycamore Trees Are Poisonous to Horses?

You may have heard rumors about certain trees being poisonous for horses–sycamore trees in particular. Now, you want the facts. Which sycamore trees are poisonous for horses? Which ones are harmless? As a horse owner, are there any other trees you should be concerned about on your property? Read on for answers to all of … Read more

which pine tree smells like vanilla

Which Pine Tree Smells Like Vanilla?

There are many varieties of evergreen trees that comprise the forests of the North American west, and many of these evergreens are pines. Have you ever been in one of these forests and caught a whiff of vanilla? Perhaps you’re wondering what particular pine species produces such a unique smell. If so, read on. In … Read more

how long do western hemlock trees live

How Long Do Western Hemlock Trees Live?

Western hemlock trees fill the evergreen forests of the Pacific Northwest, one of several species that can grow to reach giant sizes. Have you ever wondered how long it takes them to reach such sizes? How long do western hemlock trees live, how large can they grow, and what are their ideal growing conditions? Read … Read more

what climate is best for chestnut trees

What Climate Is Best for Chestnut Trees?

Want to grow a chestnut tree or two? Maybe you’re hoping to start a grove of them to grow chestnuts as a cash crop. Or perhaps you’re simply curious. Either way, you’re wondering: what climate is best for chestnut trees? Do they need a lot of sunshine? What kind of soil do they grow best … Read more

which animals eat black walnuts

Which Animals Eat Black Walnuts?

Black walnut trees grow prolifically throughout much of the U.S., and they produce tasty, nutritious food for many forms of wildlife. Have you ever wondered which animals eat black walnuts? Curious to find out more about each type of animal? If so, keep reading as we talk about the various animals that feed on black … Read more

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