What Other Animals Eat Morels

What Wild Animals Eat Morels?

Morel mushrooms are a favorite part of spring. Their unique nutty flavor makes them a favorite of mushroom hunters throughout the Northern Hemisphere. But did you know many animals enjoy eating morels as well? Each spring, it’s often a race to see who can get to the tasty mushrooms first. So, what wild animals eat … Read more

lobster mushroom vs oyster mushroom

Lobster Mushroom Vs Oyster Mushroom

There are many different types of edible mushrooms. Today, we’re going to look at a couple that seem to take their inspiration from the sea. As we compare the lobster mushroom vs. the oyster mushroom, you’ll see that these two mushrooms have some unique characteristics as well as some surprising similarities and differences. What is … Read more

Lion’s Mane Vs. Reishi: Which is Better For Health

Lion’s Mane Vs Reishi: Side By Side

If you know anything about medicinal mushrooms, you are probably impressed by what you’ve heard. Depending on the type of mushroom, they can do anything from protect against Alzheimer’s disease to relieve anxiety to boost your immunity to support and enhance cancer therapy. Two of these incredible mushrooms are lion’s mane and reishi. What are … Read more

Jack O’Lantern Mushroom

Jack O’Lantern Vs Chanterelle: Side By Side

In the world of mushroom foraging, proper identification is key. It can be the difference between enjoying a delicious meal and heading to the emergency room with severe digestive symptoms. Two mushrooms that are commonly confused are jack o’lanterns and chanterelles. In this article, we’ll compare the jack o’lantern mushroom vs. the chanterelle so you … Read more

What is Black-Staining Polypore

Black-Staining Polypore Vs Hen Of The Woods

If you’ve been mushroom hunting for any length of time, you know how tough it can be to correctly identify and differentiate between certain mushrooms. There are many look-alikes in the mushroom world. Today, we’re going to compare the black staining polypore vs. the hen of the woods, two edible varieties that are often confused … Read more

What is Chicken of the Woods

Chicken Of The Woods Vs Chanterelle Mushrooms

You’re out in the dark green woods in late summer and suddenly, you come across some bright yellow to orange mushrooms. The mushrooms seem to be announcing their presence to the world, begging to be harvested. But are they edible? In this article, we’ll compare chicken of the woods vs. chanterelle mushrooms, contrasting their similarities … Read more

do black trumpets have lookalikes

Do Black Trumpets Have Lookalikes?

If you’re new to foraging for mushrooms, then you probably know that learning to identify them properly is the most important skill you can develop. With that in mind, you’ve come here looking to learn how to identify black trumpet mushrooms, which you’ve heard are a choice edible that grow well in hardwood forests and … Read more

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