Are Fireflies Endangered?

Why Are Fireflies Going Extinct?

One of the best parts of summer is watching fireflies light up the night. But have you noticed how there seem to be fewer fireflies every summer? What is causing this? Why are fireflies going extinct? And is there anything you can do to slow this decline? Keep reading! In this article, we’ll answer all … Read more

Are Dragonflies Dangerous to People?

Are Dragonflies Dangerous To Humans?

Dragonflies. You see them buzzing around all summer throughout most of the world; maybe you’ve even seen them hunting other insects. They can look pretty intimidating, so this may have caused you to wonder: are dragonflies dangerous to humans? Do they behave aggressively toward people? Do they bite or sting? Keep reading as we explore … Read more

hognose snake

5 Snakes That Look Like Cottonmouths

If you live near wetland or swampy areas of the southeastern U.S., you are probably familiar with cottonmouths. These snakes are excellent swimmers, but they are also highly venomous. Worst of all, there are plenty of other snakes that hang out near the water that are perfectly harmless, and many of these are easy to … Read more

What is a Komodo Dragon?

Komodo Dragon Vs Crocodile: Side By Side

You’ve probably heard of the Komodo dragon, and undoubtedly you’re familiar with crocodiles. These are two of the largest and most powerful types of reptiles in the world. So, what would happen if they went up against each other in a fight? Keep reading as we compare and contrast the Komodo Dragon vs. the crocodile. … Read more

Do Wood Turtles Hibernate?

Does The Wood Turtle Hibernate?

Have you ever wondered where turtles go in the winter? Maybe you’ve observed the wood turtles hanging out in wooded areas near your home. Their disappearance during colder weather may have caused you to wonder: does the wood turtle hibernate? If so, why? When? And how does it hibernate? Keep reading as we explore the … Read more

where do gorillas sleep

Where Do Gorillas Sleep?

Most people are familiar with the large, black, hairy apes known as gorillas, but perhaps you’re wanting to learn more. You may be wondering about things such as their sleeping patterns and average lifespans. Where do gorillas sleep, exactly, and how long do they sleep each night? How long do they usually live, both in … Read more

What Are Wild Boars?

How Big Can Wild Boars Get?

Wild boars are a familiar sight in many parts of the world. The tusked, brown, hairy, piglike creatures can grow quite large at times. But just how large, you ask? How big can wild boars get, and are they dangerous to humans? Keep reading! In this article, we’ll answer these questions and more! What Are … Read more

The Bald Eagle’s Call

8 Birds That Sound Like Eagles

There are many different eagle species in the world, and they all produce slightly different sounds. For the purpose of this article, we’re going to focus on birds that sound like bald eagles, which have a much more high-pitched, musical sound than you might expect. Keep reading to learn more about other birds that make … Read more

are grasshoppers helpful or harmful

Are Grasshoppers Helpful Or Harmful?

Grasshoppers are a pretty common sight each summer. You have probably seen them hopping around your yard or heard them chirping out their songs. If you have a garden, you may have also noticed bug damage left behind by your hungry resident grasshoppers. So, you may be wondering: are grasshoppers helpful or harmful? Keep reading … Read more

Snake-necked turtles

7 Turtles That Look Like Snapping Turtles

You’ve probably been warned to stay away from snapping turtles–these beastly reptiles can do some serious damage if they bite down on your fingers or arms. Have you ever been concerned that you might confuse a snapper with another, more harmless type of turtle? If so, read on to learn more about turtles that look … Read more

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