Insects and Arachnids

What Are Wolf Spiders?

Wolf Spider Habitat Facts

Wolf spiders come in many different shapes and sizes, and they are found in many places throughout the world. Do you want to learn more about these amazing arachnids and the specific places they call home? Keep reading as we discuss wolf spider habitat facts and other information. What Are Wolf Spiders? Wolf spiders are … Read more

Should a Wasp Nest Be Removed?

Do You Need To Get Rid Of Wasp Nests?

Seeing wasps buzzing around your yard is pretty common during the summer, but seeing a lot of them can be a sign that a colony is nearby. If you find a nest in your yard or around your house, you may be wondering: do you need to get rid of wasp nests? If so, when … Read more

What Are Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies?

Are Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies Rare?

With their boldly striped black and yellow wings, tiger swallowtails are beautiful and highly recognizable butterflies. Would you like to learn more about them? Perhaps you’re wondering: are tiger swallowtail butterflies rare or endangered? Keep reading. In this article, we’ll answer this question and more.  What Are Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies? Tiger swallowtails are large butterflies … Read more

Are Grasshoppers Good or Bad for Your Yard?

What Do Grasshoppers Hate The Most?

If you have a lot of grasshoppers infesting your garden, you are probably wondering how you can keep them from destroying your plants. You’re asking the question: what do grasshoppers hate the most? What scents, crops, and other methods can you use to deter the hungry insects? Keep reading. In this article, we’ll answer each … Read more

Where Do Fireflies Live

Where And When Can You See Fireflies?

Fireflies are one of the most well-known bioluminescent organisms in the world. Their light displays captivate people from around the world each summer. If you love these intriguing beetles, perhaps you’re wondering: where and when can you see fireflies? Keep reading as we answer this and other questions. Where Do Fireflies Live? Fireflies are found … Read more

Are Dragonflies Affected By Climate Change?

How Will Dragonflies Adapt To A Warmer Earth?

Climate change is affecting many species of animals and insects around the world, and dragonflies are no exception. Many recent changes have been noted in the world’s dragonfly populations, which has led some to wonder: how will dragonflies adapt to a warmer earth? Are they affected by climate change, or are other natural factors to … Read more

How Is a Bumble Bee Hive Organized?

How Do Bumble Bees Communicate?

Many people are familiar with honey bees and their elaborate communication dances, but bumble bees are a little more obscure. You may be wondering: how do bumble bees communicate? Do they dance like honey bees, or do they have other methods of communication? Keep reading as we answer these questions and more. How Is a … Read more

do ants know if other ants die

Do Ants Know If Other Ants Die?

Ants are fascinating insects that live in large colonies. Most people recognize that ants are smart, but just how smart are they? Do ants know if other ants die? What happens when an ant dies? Do other members of the colony carry their dead away and, if so, what prompts them to do this? Keep … Read more

What Are Tiger Swallowtails?

How Do You Attract Tiger Swallowtails?

Do you love butterflies? Are you wondering how to get more of them to visit your yard? Perhaps you are wondering about specific types of butterflies, like tiger swallowtails. How do you attract tiger swallowtails to your yard, and how do you get them to stick around? Keep reading as we answer this and other … Read more

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