How Strong Are Ants Compared to Humans

Why Are Ants So Strong {Explained!}

If you’ve ever seen an ant moving a plant part or a dead insect, you might have been amazed to watch it maneuver an object much larger than itself. Perhaps it made you start asking questions: why are ants so strong? How strong are they, exactly? How many ants would have to work together to … Read more

what animals eat ants

What Animals Eat Ants {Explained!}

You’ve probably heard of anteaters, but these furry mammals aren’t the only creatures that include ants as a staple food in their diet. In fact, there are many different animals and invertebrates that prey on these hardworking insects. So, what animals eat ants? What happens when people eat them? Keep reading! In this article, we’ll … Read more

Where Do Ants Go in the Winter

How Do Ants Survive Winter?

You probably noticed that, when the weather starts to cool down, the ants that have been plaguing your house or yard begin to disappear. But, contrary to popular belief, they don’t just die off. So, you may be wondering, how do ants survive the winter? Where do they go, and what do they do when … Read more

what do ants eat and drink

What Do Ants Eat And Drink?

If you’ve ever seen an ant dragging a chunk of food larger than itself, you may have wondered about the eating habits of these tiny, industrious insects. What do ants eat and drink? How do they find their food? How long can they go without eating? Keep reading! In this article, we’ll explore all of … Read more

How to Keep Ants from Going Extinct

What Would Happen If Ants Went Extinct?

If you’ve ever left the sugar jar open in spring, chances are you had an army of tiny sugar ants invading your kitchen. Or perhaps you accidentally sat on an anthill once and were left with a bunch of itchy bites. It’s true that ants can be extremely irritating, but have you ever wondered what … Read more

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