Tiger Swallowtails

What Are Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies?

Are Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies Rare?

With their boldly striped black and yellow wings, tiger swallowtails are beautiful and highly recognizable butterflies. Would you like to learn more about them? Perhaps you’re wondering: are tiger swallowtail butterflies rare or endangered? Keep reading. In this article, we’ll answer this question and more.  What Are Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies? Tiger swallowtails are large butterflies … Read more

What Are Tiger Swallowtails?

How Do You Attract Tiger Swallowtails?

Do you love butterflies? Are you wondering how to get more of them to visit your yard? Perhaps you are wondering about specific types of butterflies, like tiger swallowtails. How do you attract tiger swallowtails to your yard, and how do you get them to stick around? Keep reading as we answer this and other … Read more

Are Tiger Swallowtails Social Animals

Why Do Tiger Swallowtails Cluster?

If you have a flower garden, it’s probably a common sight for you to see lots of butterflies flitting over the flowers. You may have even seen tiger swallowtails among the visitors. But have you ever seen these majestic yellow butterflies grouped together at a pond or mud puddle? What are they doing there? Why … Read more

What is a Tiger Swallowtail

What Do Tiger Swallowtails Eat?

You probably know that most butterflies eat nectar from flowers; but have you ever asked yourself, what do tiger swallowtails eat? What are their favorite kinds of flowers? Are there any flowers they don’t like? What plants do their caterpillars eat? Keep reading! In this article, we’ll answer all of these questions. What Do Tiger … Read more

Why are there So Many Tiger Swallowtails

Where To Find Tiger Swallowtails?

Tiger swallowtails are beautifully-patterned black and yellow butterflies. If you’ve ever seen them flying past or clustering around a muddy puddle, you know they’re a sight to see. So, what if you want to see more of them? Keep reading! In this article, we’ll talk about where to find tiger swallowtails, as well as the … Read more

What Are Tiger Swallowtails

Where Do Tiger Swallowtails Lay Their Eggs?

Have you ever seen a tiger swallowtail? Perhaps you thought it looked like a big, yellow paper airplane flitting from flower to flower. Perhaps now you want to know more about these magnificent butterflies. What are they, exactly? Where do tiger swallowtails lay their eggs? Keep reading! In this article, we’ll answer these questions and … Read more

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