Is Western Hemlock a Hardwood or Softwood?

What is Western Hemlock Wood Used For?

The Pacific northwest is known for its lush evergreen forests. One of the most prevalent evergreens found in this region is the western hemlock. These trees were historically used for many different things, but did you know they still have various uses in today’s world? In this article, we’ll answer the question, “What is western … Read more

trees that look like oak trees

7 Trees That Look Like Oak Trees

Chances are, you know what an oak tree looks like–oaks are some of the most iconic trees throughout much of the world. But did you know there are some trees that look like oak trees? Read on to learn more about these lookalikes and how to tell them apart from true oaks. Trees That Look … Read more

Tulip trees

5 Trees That Look Like Maple Trees

There are a variety of maple tree species; though there is some variation in their appearance, they all have unique, highly-recognizable leaves. But did you know there are other trees that have similar leaves? It would be easy to confuse these trees with maples. Read on to learn more about the trees that look like … Read more

Balsam fir trees

9 Trees That Start With the Letter B

Throughout the world, there are a number of different trees that start with the letter B. Many of them are quite unique and have nothing in common with each other except for this first letter of their name. Let’s take a closer look at some of these trees.  Trees That Start With the Letter B … Read more

Alders trees

6 Trees That Start With The Letter A

There are many, many trees in the world, and they all have their own distinctive characteristics and traits. What if we were to arrange them in alphabetical order? Which unique group of miscellaneous trees would be brought together simply because they start with the same first letter? In this article, we’ll explore the trees that … Read more

Ash trees

5 Trees That Look Like Elm

You’ve probably heard of elm trees, but do you know what they look like? Their leaves have a very common, non-distinct shape, so there’s a good chance that even if you’ve seen an elm tree, you may have confused it with another type of tree that had similar leaves. Keep reading to learn about some … Read more

Trees That Look Like Acacia

5 Trees That Look Like Acacia

Acacias are a large group of tropical and subtropical trees and shrubs belonging to the legume family. These beautiful trees are easily identified by their spreading canopy, fern-like, evergreen leaves, and fragrant flowers. Though they are unique in appearance, there are a few other trees that share some of these characteristics. Read on to learn … Read more

Rowan trees

10 Trees That Look Like Black Walnut Trees

Black walnut trees produce walnuts; but other than that, you may think that they look pretty average. Do you find yourself frequently confusing black walnut trees with other kinds of trees? If so, you’re not alone; there are many other trees that look like black walnut trees. Read on to learn more about some of … Read more

What is Black Walnut Tea

How To Make Black Walnut Tea?

You may have heard that black walnuts are healthy for you. Perhaps you’ve even heard of tea made from black walnuts. What are the health benefits of this tea? Does it have any side effects? Keep reading as we discuss all you need to know about how to make and consume black walnut tea. What … Read more

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