what is the best feeder for woodpeckers

How To Make A Woodpecker Feeder?

You may have noticed that woodpeckers live in your area, but you never see them coming to your feeder. Why is that? Read on to learn about the best types of feeders for woodpeckers, how to make a woodpecker feeder, and what foods will be most successful at attracting woodpeckers to your yard. What is … Read more

where do woodpeckers make their nests

Woodpecker Nesting Habits [A Simple Guide]

Did you know that woodpeckers use their sharp beaks for more than just finding food? They also use them for hollowing out cavities in wood for their nests. Want to learn more about this process and other woodpecker nesting habits? You’ve come to the right place! Read on to learn more about how woodpeckers make … Read more

do woodpeckers eat wood

Why Does A Woodpecker Peck Wood?

If you live in an area with lots of woodpeckers, then you’re probably familiar with the loud drumming noises they make at all hours of the day. But perhaps you’re not sure of the reasons behind this annoying noise. Why does a woodpecker peck wood? Does it hurt their heads, necks, or beaks? And is … Read more

how to stop woodpeckers from pecking your house

How To Stop Woodpeckers From Pecking Your House?

You’re probably familiar with the peck-peck-pecking noise that woodpeckers make, but perhaps you’re surprised to learn that woodpeckers don’t just pound away at tree trunks. In this article, we’ll talk about how to stop woodpeckers from pecking your house. We’ll also discuss why woodpeckers attack houses in the first place and what messages those pecking … Read more

what can I put out for woodpeckers to eat

What Does A Woodpecker Eat?

Have you ever seen a woodpecker pounding away at a tree and wondered if it was eating the wood? Perhaps that led you to wonder: what does a woodpecker eat exactly? Do they have multiple food choices, or foods that they prefer more than others? Do they eat insects or other bids? Keep reading! In … Read more

what does it mean when you hear the cuckoo

When Do Cuckoos Call?

The cuckoo’s song is beautiful and easily recognizable; in fact, in many places throughout the world, this flute-like call is a sure sign that warmer weather has arrived. If you’ve never heard this birdsong, you may be wondering, when do cuckoos call? What time of year are you most likely to hear them, and what … Read more

where do cuckoos live

Where Do Cuckoos Live?

Have you ever heard a cuckoo singing its distinctive song? Did you know that the same birdsong can be heard in many different places throughout the world? Cuckoos are widely distributed across a variety of habitats. So where do cuckoos live? Where are they most densely populated, and which kinds of habitat do they prefer? … Read more

Cuckoos and Warblers

Where Do Cuckoos Go In Winter?

Cuckoo birds can be found throughout the world, but they aren’t found in their native habitats in every season. So, where do cuckoos go in the winter? What are their migration habits, why do they migrate, and how far are they willing to travel to reach their destination? Keep reading! In this article, we’ll answer … Read more

do cuckoo birds build nests

Where Do Cuckoos Lay Their Eggs?

If you know much about cuckoos, you probably know they have a reputation for being really bad parents. But where does this reputation come from? Where do cuckoos lay their eggs, and why have they gotten such a bad reputation for it? Read on to find out more about cuckoos and their strange parenting habits. … Read more

where does the cuckoo bird live

What Do Cuckoo Birds Eat?

You may have heard about the cuckoo’s song or their strange nesting habits, but did you know that their eating habits can be every bit as interesting? Cuckoos are not picky when it comes time to feed, and at times, their need for protein can drive some pretty odd behaviors. So, what do cuckoo birds … Read more

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