can a beaver cut down a tree

Why Do Beavers Cut Down Trees?

When you think of beavers, you probably think of the impressive dams they build out of logs and tree branches. Are these dams the only reason beavers chew on wood? Exactly why do beavers cut down trees, how do they do it, and how do they move the trees where they want them to go? … Read more


What Do Beavers Eat?

If you’ve ever caught a glimpse of a beaver felling trees, you may have wondered if they eat the wood as they go. In fact, beavers eat many different types of plants. So, what do beavers eat, exactly? What are some of their favorite foods? Are there any foods they won’t eat? Keep reading to … Read more

Groundhog Vs. Beaver: Similarities and Differences

How To Get Rid Of A Beaver In Your Yard?

Beavers are an important species in wildlife, but they can cause expensive damage if they begin encroaching on your personal space. If you’re wondering how to get rid of a beaver in your yard, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about the best way to remove beavers, as well as … Read more

Why Do Beavers Build Dams

How Do Beaver Dams Affect The Environment?

Beavers are known for the dams they create, but you may not know that these dams have a significant impact on the land and wildlife around them. So, how do beaver dams affect the environment? Do they create positive or negative impacts? And how would things change if beavers were to go extinct? In this … Read more

what is the best feeder for woodpeckers

How To Make A Woodpecker Feeder?

You may have noticed that woodpeckers live in your area, but you never see them coming to your feeder. Why is that? Read on to learn about the best types of feeders for woodpeckers, how to make a woodpecker feeder, and what foods will be most successful at attracting woodpeckers to your yard. What is … Read more

where do woodpeckers make their nests

Woodpecker Nesting Habits [A Simple Guide]

Did you know that woodpeckers use their sharp beaks for more than just finding food? They also use them for hollowing out cavities in wood for their nests. Want to learn more about this process and other woodpecker nesting habits? You’ve come to the right place! Read on to learn more about how woodpeckers make … Read more

do woodpeckers eat wood

Why Does A Woodpecker Peck Wood?

If you live in an area with lots of woodpeckers, then you’re probably familiar with the loud drumming noises they make at all hours of the day. But perhaps you’re not sure of the reasons behind this annoying noise. Why does a woodpecker peck wood? Does it hurt their heads, necks, or beaks? And is … Read more

how to stop woodpeckers from pecking your house

How To Stop Woodpeckers From Pecking Your House?

You’re probably familiar with the peck-peck-pecking noise that woodpeckers make, but perhaps you’re surprised to learn that woodpeckers don’t just pound away at tree trunks. In this article, we’ll talk about how to stop woodpeckers from pecking your house. We’ll also discuss why woodpeckers attack houses in the first place and what messages those pecking … Read more

what can I put out for woodpeckers to eat

What Does A Woodpecker Eat?

Have you ever seen a woodpecker pounding away at a tree and wondered if it was eating the wood? Perhaps that led you to wonder: what does a woodpecker eat exactly? Do they have multiple food choices, or foods that they prefer more than others? Do they eat insects or other bids? Keep reading! In … Read more

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