10 Animals With Long Arms {With Pictures}

Scientists tend to group animals together based on shared characteristics between them. Other people often do the same, though the grouping may be far less scientific in nature. In this article, we’ll talk about animals with long arms; and as you will see, some of them have nothing else in common aside from the length … Read more

Are Sloths Good Swimmers

How Fast Can A Sloth Swim {Explained!}

If you’ve never seen a sloth moving around in the water, it may surprise you to learn that the sluggish tree-dwelling creatures can swim at all. And if you have seen a sloth in the water, you may have been amazed by what you saw. So, just how fast can a sloth swim? How are … Read more

How Long Can Sloths Hold Their Breath Underwater

How Long Can A Sloth Hold Its Breath?

You may have stumbled across this article and, intrigued by the title, thought to yourself, I didn’t know sloths could hold their breath at all! But as you’ll find in reading this article, sloths are actually experts when it comes to the art of breath-holding. So, just how long can a sloth hold its breath? … Read more

can a sloth fight

How Does A Sloth Defend Itself?

You are probably aware that sloths are known for moving slowly. But how is such a slow animal supposed to protect itself or its young from predators? Do these slow, tree-dwelling mammals even have any predators? And if so, how does a sloth defend itself on the ground, in the water, and in the trees? … Read more

are sloths smart or dumb

Why Are Sloths So Slow (Can They Ever Move Fast)?

If you’ve ever seen a sloth just hanging out in a tree, living a relaxed and easygoing life, you may have wondered if sloths are even capable of speed. Why are sloths so slow? Can they ever move fast? What if they were to be chased by a predator? Keep reading! In this article, we’ll … Read more


Sloth Vs Koala: Side By Side

Have you ever wondered if sloths and koalas are related? After all, they both live in trees and live lazy lifestyles. But despite their similarities, these two types of animals are quite different from each other. In this article, we’ll compare the sloth vs the koala and talk about some of their similarities and differences. … Read more


What Layer Of The Rainforest Does The Sloth Live In?

Sloths may look and act lazy, but they are actually very well adapted to their slow and sleepy lifestyle. If you know much about sloths, then you probably know that they live in trees in tropical regions. But what layer of the rainforest does the sloth live in? How have they adapted to this lifestyle? … Read more

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