Wolf Vs Pitbull: Who Would Win?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if predators took on other predators? Specifically, maybe you’d like to know how a pitbull would do in a fight against a wolf. Both animals are aggressive, powerful, and strong. So, wolf vs. pitbull: who would win? How would wolves do against other wild predators, such as lions and hyenas? Keep reading to find out more!

Wolf Vs. Pitbull: Who Would Win?

lion vs wolf: who would win

Pitbulls are known for being some of the strongest, most aggressive dogs out there. But how do they compare against wolves?

In a fight, the wolf would likely defeat the pitbull, but the pitbull would not go down easily. 

Though pitbulls are rather unpredictable and can be aggressive toward humans and other animals, they are ultimately no match for their wild cousins the wolves.

Wolves would have several things going for them in a fight against pitbulls:

  • Wolves have the stronger bite: According to the International Wolf Center, wolves can exert about 398 pounds of pressure in a single bite–in other words, enough to penetrate a moose’s femur to the marrow. This bite is about three times as powerful as that of any dog, including the pitbull.
  • Wolves are faster than pitbulls: The slim, athletic build of a wolf gives it the ability to run incredibly fast, sometimes up to 40 miles per hour. If a wolf were to chase a pitbull, the pitbull would not be able to outrun it.
  • Wolves are more powerful than pitbulls: Though pitbulls are an exceptionally powerful dog breed, wolves are still more powerful. Combining the strength of their bite with their superior speed and hunting tactics, the wolves would likely defeat the pitbulls.
  • Wolves hunt in packs: A lone pitbull against a lone wolf would put up a pretty strong fight and, in some cases, may be able to beat the wolf one on one. But a lone pitbull against a wolf pack would ultimately have little chance of escaping, much less defeating the pack.

Of course, fighting one on one, pitbulls would have their own set of strengths. 

Pitbulls are much heavier than wolves, and their bite is powerful in its own right. If a pitbull is able to get the first bite, it might be able to hold its own against a wolf, especially by gripping the wolf with its teeth and using its heavy weight to overwhelm the much lighter wolf.

Wolf Vs. Dog: Who Would Win?

wolf vs dog who would win

Wolves will almost always win against dogs. Considering that the pitbull is one of the larger and more aggressive dog breeds, and a wolf would probably win against a pitbull, a wolf would likely win against other dogs as well.

Wolves are more aggressive than most dogs, and as mentioned above, they have a much more powerful bite. Wolves can also run quite a bit faster than many dog breeds.

Wolves will sometimes hunt dogs as prey if the dog is alone in the wolf’s territory. This is especially true if the wolf is starving.

Also, wolves tend to see other dogs as threats, so they are more likely to attack them than they are to attack humans. Sometimes, this is true even if the human is with the dog.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule.

Some dog breeds are naturally stronger and more aggressive than others. A few are powerful enough to hold their own against wolves if pressed into a fight, especially when protecting their humans. 

To learn more about these powerful dog breeds, check out the following video.

Wolf Vs. Hyena: Who Would Win?

Wolves and hyenas don’t live in the same areas, but what if they did? Who would win in a matchup between these two powerful predators? 

It’s safe to assume that wolves and hyenas would be evenly matched in a fight. 

These two animals are fairly similar in size. Wolves are slightly longer and leaner than hyenas, but hyenas are heavier and more powerful.

Both wolves and hyenas hunt in packs, so it is more likely they would fight in large groups rather than one on one. Both wolves and hyenas are highly intelligent, and both have similar hunting tactics. 

Hyenas are stronger and more powerful than wolves, but what the wolves lack in strength, they make up for in speed and athleticism. 

It is worth noting that hyenas appear to be bolder than wolves, as they are often willing to pick fights with lions. Wolves are shier and more inclined to avoid other predators; they will only fight other predators if they feel threatened or are starving.

The boldness displayed by hyenas may give them a slight edge if they were to fight wolves.  

Wolf Vs. Lion: Who Would Win?

Lions and wolves also do not live in the same regions as wolves, but wouldn’t it be interesting if they did? Who would win a fight between these two predators?

Lions have many advantages over wolves in this matchup. 

For starters, lions can run faster than wolves. One of the wolf’s greatest strengths in a fight is its speed, so if it isn’t unable to outrun a lion, it isn’t going to have much of a chance against it.

Lions are obviously much larger and stronger than wolves, and they have more powerful claws and teeth. 

Wolves might win if fighting in a pack against a young lion and would easily be able to hunt lion cubs as prey. However, even a pack of wolves against a mature adult lion would have a formidable opponent on their hands, and they would be highly unlikely to go up against it in the first place.


Wolves are powerful predators. Their speed, athleticism, and the strength of their bite would likely give them the edge in a fight with pitbulls and most other dogs (or even coyotes), but they might have a much bigger struggle against other predators such as hyenas and lions.

10 thoughts on “Wolf Vs Pitbull: Who Would Win?”

    • I say the wolf would win one on one against a pitbull a wolf is much faster and stronger outstanding speed taste like needles like shark teeth the wolf would cut him down at different angles the Pitbull would get scared and confused to which way the wolf is coming some good hard bikes to the eye cutting the pitbulls deep inside and biting him through this neck several times as in the neck it would be all over for the Pitbull

  1. Even in the movie White Fang which is just a fictitious film the pitbull won against the wolf. One on one the pitbull is a more aggressive fighter. I recall reading an article about a pitbull protecting 2 little girls against a cougar. Though the pitbull got severely injured but it killed the big cat.

  2. This is bullshit. Pit bulls are medium size dogs at best. Adult male wolves can be more than 150 lbs. a pit bull would be slaughtered

  3. Wolf would break Pitbulls bone,they are designed to take down prey larger than them pitbull body would not hold up against the bite pressure dog will get ate

  4. Wolves will run when hurt!!! They can’t do nothing when in pain! Unlike the pitbull!!! He ignores pain!!! He will fight to the death with his whole face ripped off!!! I bet a wolf won’t!!! Pitbull was bred to fight and kill and ignore pain!!! I got the pitbull!!! There is no other animal that will fight through pain like a itbull!!! If a lion gets his face ripped off he’s done!!! He will run off and die!!! Pitbulls will fight to death with half a face!!! Respect the American pitbull because they’ve proved time after time that there not to be fucked with in the pit!!!

  5. Wolfs are natural killers they are not dogs they are animals they take down their prey 10 times bigger than them a pitbull is a dog wolves are natural killing machines and eight for their prey a pitbull is stupid and too slow he could never catch up to a wolf because of his amazing speed a wolf is smart pitbulls are dumb and stupid wolves are natural killers the wolf would win hands down five or six bites to the eye four five bikes through the throat it’s all over with wolf wins hands down

  6. I just saw a video where a Pit Bull did indeed kill a Wolf. There is a reason PACK (and Pride) animals hunt together, alone they can always become the PREY.


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