Where Do You Find Chanterelle Mushrooms?

The beautiful chanterelle mushrooms are well loved and revered for both their mild fruity taste and their impressive nutritional benefits. Maybe you’d like to give them a try yourself, but you aren’t willing to shell out the big bucks for just a handful or two. So you’re wondering, where do you find chanterelle mushrooms in the wild? Can you collect them yourself?

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Where Do Chanterelle Mushrooms Grow?

where do chanterelle mushrooms grow in the US

Chanterelles are a popular treat among mushroom enthusiasts all over the world, but they can be pretty expensive to buy. Fortunately, in many regions, you may be able to harvest your own.

Chanterelle mushrooms grow throughout the world, especially in North and Central America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. They prefer rich, moist soil and are commonly found in hardwood forests.

These pretty mushrooms tend to spread in areas where they’re common, especially as water runoff carries their spores along. If you’re hunting for chanterelles and you find a patch growing on the side of a hill, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find more either uphill or downhill from this initial patch.

Chanterelles grow best during warm, humid weather. A day or two of heavy rain followed by a few days of hot weather provide the perfect growing conditions.

These mushrooms range in color from bright orange to yellow, so they are easy to spot and identify. They grow from soil, not trees, though they often share space with certain hardwood species.

Where Do Chanterelle Mushrooms Grow in the US?

Chanterelles are widespread throughout the United States. They will grow just about anywhere with the right soil conditions and moisture.

Chanterelles are commonly found in the evergreen forests of Washington, mountainous regions of the southwestern US, and mossy glades in Georgia and Alabama. They grow in different seasons based on their geographical location.

For example, the prime season for finding chanterelles on the west coast is from September through February. On the other hand, in Georgia, mushroom hunters report that chanterelle season lasts from late spring through the summer.

Not sure whether chanterelles grow in your region? You may be able to find out by checking with your local nature center, or simply by heading to the nearest stream or wooded area to look around.

Where is the Best Place to Find Chanterelle Mushrooms?

where is the best place to find chanterelles

Chanterelles grow in many different areas, but they have a few basic conditions they require in order to sprout and grow. It’s best to be aware of these conditions so you can choose the right time to go hunting for chanterelles.

These mushrooms will grow near most hardwoods but tend to be most abundant around evergreens such as pine, spruce, and fir. In some regions, they may be found growing near deciduous hardwood trees such as maple, oak, and beech.

In some states, they also grow well near blueberry plants, fields of grass or low-growing vegetation, or near streams.

Chanterelles tend to grow best at or above elevations of 1,500 feet. This is why they are commonly found in mountains and hilly regions.

Like most mushrooms, they require plenty of shade and moisture. They like warm, humid areas but will grow in cooler regions as well, provided there is enough moisture in the air and soil and the temperatures stay fairly consistent.

When searching for chanterelle mushrooms, it’s important to know exactly what you’re looking for. Chanterelles are easy to confuse with the highly toxic jack o’ lantern mushrooms, as shown in the video below:

If you’ve never collected mushrooms before, go with someone who has. You want to make sure you’re with someone who has experience identifying the edible mushrooms and distinguishing them from the poisonous ones.

Eventually, you’ll be able to identify the mushrooms yourself, but it’s best to play it safe at first.


Chanterelle mushrooms grow in shady, humid regions around the world. They prefer shady forest floors and grow well with evergreens, deciduous hardwoods, and blueberry plants.

Chanterelles grow well in North and Central America, Africa, and various countries in the Eurasia region. In the United States, they grow in a variety of environments during different seasons.

If you are interested in learning more about these yummy mushrooms, here is our guide on how to store them properly.

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