why harvest birch bark

How To Save A Dying Birch Tree?

If your birch tree is showing signs of disease or rot, is it best to cut the tree down? Or is there anything you can do to save it? In this article, we’ll discuss how to save a dying birch tree, as well as how to know if your tree is dying in the first … Read more

what time of year do you tap birch trees

How To Tap A Birch Tree?

Did you know that birch trees produce sap like maple trees? This sap can be used to make syrup, or you can drink it straight for a tasty and refreshing treat. If you want to learn how to tap a birch tree, keep reading. We’ll discuss all you need to know about collecting birch sap … Read more

what month do you prune silver birch trees

How To Trim A Birch Tree?

Birch trees are beautiful and often used for landscaping. How can you make sure your birch stays looking its best? Read on to learn more about how to trim a birch tree and what time of year is best for pruning. Can I Prune a Birch Tree? Like any other tree, birch trees can be … Read more

do birch trees grow back

How To Grow A Birch Tree?

The birch tree is a popular ornamental, but many homeowners and landscapers find that it is a difficult tree to grow. If you want to know how to grow a birch tree, keep reading! We’ll discuss everything you need to know about starting your own birch trees and helping them thrive. Ready to get started? … Read more

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