how fast can a wolf run

How Fast Can A Wolf Run?

Wolves often prey on speedy ungulates such as deer, elk, and moose. This means they have to be fast to be able to keep up with and attack their prey. But just how fast, exactly? How fast can a wolf run, and how long can they maintain these top speeds? Keep reading! In this article, … Read more

Which Animal is Most Loyal to Its Mate

How To Survive A Wolf Attack?

If you’re planning a hike in the mountains of the western U.S., you may be concerned about encountering wolves. Read on to learn how to survive a wolf attack, as well as to better understand why and how wolves attack in the first place. How Do Wolves Attack? When wolves are hunting, they usually do … Read more

how do wolves attack

What Does A Wolf Eat?

Wolves are known for being fearsome hunters who stalk their prey, often hunting in packs that swarm and overwhelm much larger prey animals. But what types of prey do these fierce predators prefer to hunt? What does a wolf eat? Do they only eat meat, or do they eat some plant foods as well? Keep … Read more

how do you lure an ermine

How To Trap An Ermine?

Ermines are one of the smallest types of weasels and are known for their cute, slight size, and pure white winter coats. But what they lack in ferocious looks, they make up for with their at times vicious behavior. Invasive ermines are an issue in several states, particularly for poultry farmers and some homeowners when … Read more

How Do You Identify a Weasel

What Is The Difference Between An Ermine And A Weasel?

The Mustela genus contains a wide variety of small creatures that sometimes look similar. Naturally, this can lead to some confusion over species identification. When coupled with the fact that two English-speaking nations refer to creatures in the genus differently, it’s no wonder that not everyone knows the difference between an ermine and a weasel. … Read more

how do you catch an ermine in a live trap

How Does The Ermine Adapt To The Tundra?

Ermines, or Mustela erminea, are a type of weasel that belongs to the mustelid family. They are commonly known as stoats or short-tailed weasels. Ermines are one of the smallest predators in the world (second only to their cousin, the least weasel) and are successful hunters in many parts of the globe. In this article, … Read more

can you tame an ermine

Can You Have An Ermine As A Pet?

Many animal lovers wonder if they would be able to keep a wild animal as a pet at one time or another. Whether they came across an injured baby animal or simply thought it would be fun to own an unusual pet, it’s a common thought. While ermines resemble ferrets, however, they are completely different. … Read more

Where Do Ermines Live

What Do Ermine Eat?

Ermines, or Musetela erminea, are a type of weasel that is commonly known as a stoat or short-tailed weasel. Although they appear small and shy, don’t mistake their appearance for weakness. Ermines are fierce predators with impressive hunting tactics. In this article, we’ll explore ermine diets in the wild, and discuss how they sustain themselves … Read more

how does an armadillo protect itself

How Does An Armadillo Protect Itself?

With their gray body armor, armadillos look a little bit like four-legged tanks. But how well does this armor keep them safe from predators? How does an armadillo protect itself, and what are some animals that are known for killing armadillos? Keep reading! In this article, we’ll answer all of these questions and more! How … Read more

are armadillos good to have around

How Do You Get Rid Of An Armadillo In Your Yard?

Armadillos are cute little creatures that we all love, but they can cause unsightly landscaping damage. So, how do you get rid of an armadillo in your yard? Keep reading to find out more! Are Armadillos Good to Have Around? Armadillos are generally harmless little creatures. The main reason people want to get rid of … Read more

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