What is a Bearded Dragon

Iguana Vs Bearded Dragon: What’s The Difference?

You’ve probably heard of iguanas and bearded dragons. If you’ve ever seen pictures of them, you probably thought they look pretty similar. So, what are the differences and similarities between them? Which type of lizard makes a better pet? Keep reading! In this article, we’ll compare and contrast the iguana vs. the bearded dragon. What … Read more

when is iguana breeding season

When Is Iguana Breeding Season?

Perhaps you have pet iguanas that you’re hoping to breed, or maybe you’re just interested in finding out more about how iguanas produce offspring. Whatever the reason, you’re asking the question, when is iguana breeding season? What are some of iguanas’ mating habits, how many eggs do they lay, and how long does it take … Read more

What Foods Do Iguanas Eat

What Does An Iguana Eat [Explained!]

Iguanas are fascinating lizards that come in many species and are often kept as pets. Perhaps you just got a pet iguana and you’re wondering what to feed it. What does an iguana eat, and how would the diet of a captive iguana compare to one that lives in the wild? What are some common … Read more

how to get an iguana out of your house

How To Get An Iguana Out Of Your House?

If you live in an area with a lot of iguanas, then you probably know that they have a tendency to take over. You may have entire families of iguanas living in your backyard, and some may have even grown bold enough to slip inside the house. Is there anything you can do to get … Read more

How to Remove an Iguana from Your House or Yard

What Does It Mean When Iguanas Change Color?

Have you ever seen an iguana turn from one color to a completely different color? Perhaps you have a pet iguana and you’ve witnessed this phenomenon more than once. So now, you’re curious: what does it mean when iguanas change color? What causes this color change to occur? Do they change colors to camouflage? And … Read more

What is an Iguana

What Does It Mean When Your Iguana Licks You?

Iguanas are spiny-looking but adorable lizards with many adorable behaviors. One such behavior is licking. You may notice your pet iguana licking anything and everything it comes into contact with. But why does it do this? What does it mean when your iguana licks you? In this article, we’ll discuss this and other interesting iguana … Read more

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