Bull Snake

How Dangerous are Bull Snakes

How Bad Are Bull Snake Bites?

You’ve noticed that a bull snake has moved into your yard. Perhaps you’ve even had a close encounter with the snake, and now you’re wondering: what should you do if you ever get bit by it? How bad are bull snake bites? Should you be worried about having a bull snake so close to home? … Read more

Are Bull Snakes and Gopher Snakes the Same

Bull Snake Vs Gopher Snake: How Do They Compare?

You’ve heard about bull snakes, and you’ve heard about gopher snakes. Perhaps you’ve looked at pictures of each, or you’ve seen them both in real life–and you think to yourself, they look exactly the same! So, are they the same type of snake? What are their similarities and differences? And if you’re looking to keep … Read more

how many eggs does a single bull snake lay

What Do Bull Snake Eggs Look Like?

You came across a nest of soft eggs in your yard. The eggs were partially buried in a dirt nest, and the adult animal that laid them is nowhere to be found. You’ve seen bull snakes in your yard and you wonder if they are responsible for the nest of eggs. But, what do bull … Read more

Bull Snake Vs. Gopher Snake

How Do You Capture And Relocate A Bull Snake?

Bull snakes are large, scary looking constrictors that may take up residence in your yard if it provides plenty of places to hide and adequate food sources. While bull snakes are generally harmless toward humans, their bite can cause bacterial infections and, especially if you have children or pets, you may not want bull snakes … Read more

Can Bull Snakes Find Their Way Home

What Does A Bull Snake Eat {Explained!}

Bull snakes. You’ve probably heard of them as being large, aggressive snakes that kill and eat rattlesnakes for sport. While this legend may not be entirely true, bull snakes are relatively large, and they do eat many different kinds of animals. So, what does a bull snake eat, exactly? How often do they eat on … Read more

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