12 Animals That Kill Snakes

Few people in the world like snakes, and animals are no different. In fact, many animals seem to have a particular disdain for the slithery reptiles. Some kill them out of self defense, while others kill them for the sake of eating them. Keep reading to learn more about some of the animals that kill … Read more

Is it Legal to Own a Mongoose in Hawaii

How To Get Rid Of Mongooses In Hawaii?

If you live in Hawaii, you are probably familiar with mongooses. The animals were first introduced to the islands in the late 1800s in an attempt to control rat populations; instead, mongooses spread and multiplied and became an invasive species themselves. Perhaps you have a family of mongooses tearing up your yard or getting into … Read more

What is the Closest Animal to a Ferret

Mongoose Vs Ferret: What Are Their Differences?

If you’ve ever seen a ferret next to a mongoose, you may have wondered if they were similar. Perhaps you even thought they were the same animal. But did you know they don’t even belong to the same scientific family? So, mongoose vs. ferret: what are their differences? What animals are more closely related to … Read more

do mongoose live in the United States

Where Does A Mongoose Live?

If you’ve ever seen videos of mongooses, or if they live in your area, you may know that they can survive and even thrive in a number of different environments. But where does a mongoose live exactly? Do they prefer a specific type of climate or can they truly live anywhere? What parts of the … Read more


Why Are Mongooses And Snakes Enemies?

You may have heard that mongooses hunt and kill snakes. You may have even witnessed a mongoose fighting a snake, either in person or in a video. But have you ever wondered at the reason behind these fights? Why are mongooses and snakes enemies? Why and how do mongooses kill snakes, and what gives these … Read more

what animals eat mongoose

What Animals Eat Mongooses?

You may know that mongooses hunt and eat a variety of prey, but they seem rather small and harmless themselves. Surely, you think, there must be times when they are on the opposite side of the hunt. So you’re wondering, what animals eat mongooses? Read on to find out more! What Animals Hunt Mongooses? Mongooses … Read more

what is a mongoose favorite food

What Does A Mongoose Eat?

If you’ve ever seen a mongoose, you probably thought it was a cute little creature similar in appearance to a cat, fat ferret, or weasel. But did you know that mongooses are powerful predators and fearless hunters for their size? Did you know that they have an uncanny ability to hunt, kill, and eat poisonous … Read more

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