Insects and Arachnids

How to Keep Ants from Going Extinct

What Would Happen If Ants Went Extinct?

If you’ve ever left the sugar jar open in spring, chances are you had an army of tiny sugar ants invading your kitchen. Or perhaps you accidentally sat on an anthill once and were left with a bunch of itchy bites. It’s true that ants can be extremely irritating, but have you ever wondered what … Read more

how does monarch butterfly defend itself from predators

How Does A Monarch Butterfly Defend Itself From Predators?

Many different animals eat insects, and monarch butterflies are not entirely immune from being turned into a bird or spider’s next meal. But they aren’t entirely defenseless either–they have ways of protecting themselves. So, how does a monarch butterfly defend itself from predators? What kinds of predators does it face? Keep reading! In this article, … Read more

how far can a monarch butterfly fly in one day

How Far Can A Monarch Butterfly Fly In A Day?

You may know that monarch butterflies are famous for their yearly migrations to and from their overwintering grounds in Mexico and California. Considering that these butterflies have to travel far to reach these grounds, you may be wondering how fast they have to fly to get there before winter. How far can a monarch butterfly … Read more

How Do You Hold a Monarch Butterfly

How To Hold A Monarch Butterfly?

Have you ever wanted to pick up a butterfly? Maybe you’d like to, but you’re afraid of hurting it. The good news is, there are ways of handling butterflies and caterpillars without causing damage to the fragile insects. In this article, we’ll talk about how to hold a monarch butterfly, as well as a few … Read more

How Does a Monarch Defend Itself

How Is The Monarch Butterfly Affected By Climate Change?

No one is completely immune to the effects of a changing climate, but some species are more highly affected than others. Perhaps you’ve heard that the populations of monarch butterflies are declining and you want to know more. How is the monarch butterfly affected by climate change? What other factors have contributed to its declining … Read more

How Many Eggs Does a Karner Blue Lay

How Many Eggs Does A Karner Blue Butterfly Lay?

Different types of butterflies lay different numbers of eggs; the number can depend on the butterfly’s size and lifespan, among other environmental factors. Today, you’re wondering, how many eggs does a Karner blue butterfly lay? What time of year does this butterfly lay its eggs? What is the Karner blue’s life cycle? Keep reading to … Read more

what does karner blue butterfly eat

What Do Karner Blue Butterflies Eat?

You may have heard that Karner blue butterflies are picky; but what does that mean exactly? What do Karner blue butterflies eat? Do the adult butterflies have a different diet than their larvae? Are they really as picky as some people suggest? Keep reading! In this article, we’ll explore everything you ever wanted to know … Read more

How Many Eggs Does a Karner Blue Lay

What Biome Does The Karner Blue Butterfly Live In?

You’ve been learning about the endangered Karner blue butterfly, and you want to know more. Where does this small blue creature live? What biome does the Karner blue butterfly live in? How has it adapted to its environment? Keep reading! In this article, we’ll answer all of these questions. Where Does the Karner Blue Butterfly … Read more

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