What Does It Mean When An Owl Hoots?

If you’ve ever been near an owl at dusk, you’ve probably heard the creature’s haunting, melodic hoots filling the air. Owls can produce a variety of sounds when they hoot, and every species hoots slightly differently from all the others. So, what does it mean when an owl hoots? Are there any other animals that … Read more

what does an owl eat

What Do Owls Eat?

Owls can be elusive creatures, so most of what scientists know about their diet has been learned by studying their pellets. This has led to some interesting discoveries. So, what do owls eat, exactly? Do they eat different foods at different times of day, or during different seasons? Keep reading! In this article, we’ll answer … Read more

how smart are grackles

How Smart Are Grackles?

You may have heard that some birds are exceptionally smart–that some can even recognize themselves in a mirror. But what about grackles? You may have noticed the shiny dark birds are not put off by your predator statues, but just how smart are grackles? Can they use tools? Plan ahead? Remember where they hid food? … Read more

Grackle Migration Habits

When Do Grackles Migrate?

Have you ever noticed huge flocks of black birds swarming into your region during the fall and winter? Chances are, these birds are grackles migrating to their winter homes further south. So, when do grackles migrate, exactly? What are their migration habits? Keep reading! In this article, we’ll answer these and other questions related to … Read more

Why Do Grackles Look Up Toward the Sky

Why Do Grackles Look Up?

Have you ever looked outside and seen a group of grackles appearing to look up at the sky? If so, you’re probably wondering about this strange behavior, and contrary to what you may believe, they aren’t looking at the sky to try and figure out what the weather is going to do. So, why do … Read more

How to Keep Grackles Off Bird Feeders

How To Keep Grackles Away From Bird Feeders?

Grackles are beautiful black birds with shimmery blue heads, but don’t let their appearance fool you: these birds will take over your yard if you aren’t careful. Maybe you’ve already noticed them hogging your feeder and are wondering what to do about it. If so, keep reading! In this article, we’ll talk about how to … Read more

what is the common grackles favorite food

What Do Grackles Eat?

Whether you have a bird feeder or not, you’ve probably seen grackles poking around your yard, looking for food. Have you ever wondered what they are looking for? What do grackles eat, exactly? What are their favorite foods, and are there any foods that they will not eat? Keep reading! In this article, we’ll answer … Read more

what month do eagle eggs hatch

What Do Eagles Do With Eggs That Don’t Hatch?

Have you ever watched a live eagle cam? You may have seen parent eagles caring for newly hatched young while one or more eggs in the nest remain unhatched. Is this normal? What do eagles do with eggs that don’t hatch? How long will they continue to incubate eggs before realizing they aren’t going to … Read more


What Eats Eagles In The Food Chain?

Eagles are exceptional hunters; but is there ever a time when they become the hunted? What eats eagles in the food chain? Do they have any natural predators? Keep reading to find out more! Are Eagles at the Top of the Food Chain? As you are probably aware, some of the predators on a food … Read more

are eagles top of the food chain

What Happens If You Kill A Bald Eagle?

Have you ever wondered what happens if you kill a bald eagle? Is there any legal protection in place to help discourage such killings? What if you mistakenly or unintentionally kill the eagle–what are the legal repercussions you can expect to face? In this article, we’ll answer all of these questions and more. What Happens … Read more

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