when can you knock down barn swallows nest

When Can You Knock Down Barn Swallow Nests?

Barn swallows are beautiful birds, but they can be a pain if they decide to build their homes on yours. Not only do they create a lot of noise and litter their immediate vicinity with droppings, but they can also spread parasites and bedbug-like insects known as swallow bugs. So, if you have swallows nesting … Read more

How To Attract Barn Swallows

How To Attract Barn Swallows?

Did you know that barn swallows can eat as much as 60 insects per hour? Talk about a voracious appetite! If you’d like to have some of this natural pest control find its way to your property, read on to learn all about how to attract barn swallows. How to Attract Barn Swallows to Your … Read more

How To Attract Barn Swallows To Your Yard

How to Scare Away Barn Swallows?

Barn swallows are beautiful birds that are beneficial to the environment because they keep insect populations from getting out of control. That said, they tend to be noisy, produce a lot of droppings, and may claim your barn, shed, garage, and even parts of your house for their nests. If you’re wondering how to keep … Read more

Why Do Barn Swallows Migrate

When Do Barn Swallows Migrate?

Barn swallows are one of many birds known for their migration habits. But just how far they travel, and the time when they do so, may surprise you. So, when do barn swallows migrate? Why do they do it, where do they go, and when do they return to their breeding grounds? Keep reading! In … Read more

What is a Barn Swallow’s Diet

What Do Barn Swallows Eat And Drink?

Barn swallows are a common sight in many parts of the world, particularly on farms and in open fields. Have you ever wondered why they often hang out around fields that are actively being tilled or harvested? Chances are, they’re looking for their next meal. So, what do barn swallows eat? Do they drink water? … Read more

What is a Black Swan?

How Rare Are Black Swans?

When you hear the term “black swan,” you may think of an event that is extremely unlikely or impossible; alternately, you may think of the popular movie which has led many people to believe that black swans don’t exist at all. They are a real type of swan, however, that is found in some parts … Read more

Are Swans Territorial

How Do Male Swans Protect Their Territory?

Swans are incredibly beautiful birds, and if you see them swimming peacefully from a distance you may not realize that they have a mean streak. But what if you were to get closer, disturb their nest, or approach their babies? How would they react? Are swans territorial? How do male swans protect their territory? Keep … Read more

Do Swans Migrate

Where Do Swans Go In the Winter?

Have you ever seen a V-shaped formation of swans flying across the sky? Perhaps it led you to wonder about the migratory habits of these magnificent birds. Where do swans go in the winter? Do they migrate, or do they tend to stay closer to home and wait out the cold months the best they … Read more


How Do Swans Sleep {And Where?}

If you’ve ever observed the beauty of a swan swimming at your favorite pond, you may be surprised to learn that they look nearly as graceful while sleeping as they do when they’re awake. So, how do swans sleep, you ask? Where do they sleep, and do they prefer to sleep at night or during … Read more

What Do Baby Swans Eat

What Do Swans Eat {& What Not To Feed Them!}

Swans are known for their beauty and gracefulness. If you’ve ever seen a family of swans swimming across your favorite pond, you may have wondered what they live on. What do swans eat? What foods should you feed your friendly neighborhood swans if you would like to supplement their diet? Keep reading! In this article, … Read more

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