what direction should wren house face

Where To Hang A Wren House?

If you’re hoping to attract nesting birds to your yard, then wrens are a good choice. These energetic little songbirds are not afraid of people, and they take well to nesting boxes. In this article, we’ll talk about where to hang a wren house and how to attract families of wrens to it year after … Read more

do wrens abandon their babies

Do Wrens Abandon Their Babies?

You’ve probably heard that birds will abandon their nests if you get too close and they can smell your scent in the area. But is this true of all birds? What about wrens? Do wrens ever abandon their babies, and if so, why? Keep reading! In this article, we’ll answer these questions and more. Why … Read more

do wrens roost at night

Wren Nesting Habits {Explained!}

Wrens are bubbly, energetic little birds known for their trilling chirp. In fact, if you have nesting boxes in your yard, you may already be familiar with wrens because they like to build their nests in these boxes. So you may be wondering, what are some other wren nesting habits? What time of year do … Read more

how do you stop a hawk from attacking you

What To Do If A Hawk Attacks You?

If you’ve ever witnessed a hawk hunting prey, whether in person or on video, you know that its powerful talons and sharp beak are a force to be reckoned with. But what if you were to become the prey? In this article, we’ll talk about what to do if a hawk attacks you and what … Read more

what food do hawks eat

What Does A Hawk Eat?

With their broad wingspan and impressive soaring abilities, hawks are truly fascinating birds of prey. But what types of animal do they prey on, exactly? What does a hawk eat, what is its favorite food, and what are some of the largest animals it will prey on? Keep reading! In this article, we’ll answer all … Read more

how do you identify a hawks nest

What Does A Hawk’s Nest Look Like?

So, you spot a nest made of sticks in a tree on your property, and you discover large birds flying to and from the nest. You want to identify the birds that built and are using the nest, and your initial guess is that it belongs to a hawk family. But how can you know … Read more

how much weight can a hawk pick up

How Much Can A Hawk Carry?

You may have heard stories of hawks lifting and carrying off full grown dogs and other prey as large as themselves. But are these stories true? How much can a hawk carry, and are they able to kill prey that is too heavy for them? Keep reading to find out more! How Much Weight Can … Read more

What is a Falcon

Falcon Vs. Hawk: Who Would Win?

If you’ve ever seen a falcon or a hawk, you were probably impressed by the sight of their powerful talons and broad wingspans. Both hawks and falcons are birds of prey, similar in appearance to small eagles. So what would happen if they were to fight each other? In a competition of falcon vs. hawk, … Read more

How Deep Should an Owl Nesting Box Be?

How To Make An Owl Nesting Box?

Do you have owls living in your area? Perhaps you would like to attract them to your property and watch them raise their young. Setting up a nesting box may be the perfect solution. Keep reading to learn how to make an owl nesting box and how to attract owls to it. How Do You … Read more

who can kill an owl

Cat Vs Owl: Who Would Win?

You may have heard stories about huge owls attacking and carrying off cats. Is there anything to these stories? Should you be worried about letting your cat outside if there are owls in your area? In a contest of cat vs. owl, who would win? Keep reading to find out more. Do Owls Attack Cats? … Read more

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