What Do Tiger Swallowtails Eat?

What Flowers Do Tiger Swallowtails Like

What Do Tiger Swallowtails Eat?

You probably know that most butterflies eat nectar from flowers; but have you ever asked yourself, what do tiger swallowtails eat? What are their favorite kinds of flowers? Are there any flowers they don’t like? What plants do their caterpillars eat? Keep reading! In this article, we’ll answer all of these questions. What Do Tiger … Read more

where to find tiger swallowtails

Where To Find Tiger Swallowtails?

Tiger swallowtails are beautifully-patterned black and yellow butterflies. If you’ve ever seen them flying past or clustering around a muddy puddle, you know they’re a sight to see. So, what if you want to see more of them? Keep reading! In this article, we’ll talk about where to find tiger swallowtails, as well as the … Read more

What Are Tiger Swallowtails

Where Do Tiger Swallowtails Lay Their Eggs?

Have you ever seen a tiger swallowtail? Perhaps you thought it looked like a big, yellow paper airplane flitting from flower to flower. Perhaps now you want to know more about these magnificent butterflies. What are they, exactly? Where do tiger swallowtails lay their eggs? Keep reading! In this article, we’ll answer these questions and … Read more

What is a Sycamore Tree

How To Determine The Age Of A Sycamore Tree?

If you’ve ever seen a tall, majestic sycamore tree, you may have wondered just how long it had been standing there. Is there any way to know how old the tree is? In this article, we’ll talk about how to determine the age of a sycamore tree. What is a Sycamore Tree? Sycamore trees are … Read more

What is a Tuatara

What Biome Does The Tuatara Live In?

Tuataras are fascinating and adorable reptiles. If you’ve ever seen a picture or video of one, you probably wanted to know more about it. What is a tuatara exactly? Where does it live? More specifically, what biome does the tuatara live in? Keep reading! In this article, we’ll answer all of these questions and more. … Read more

how do wolves mark each other

How Do Wolves Mark Their Mates?

If you’ve ever heard of wolves marking their mates, perhaps you’ve wondered what this means and how they do it. Turns out, this is just one fascinating aspect of wolves’ mating habits. So, how do wolves mark their mates? How do members of a wolf pair treat each other? What are some other members of … Read more

What Other Animals Eat Morels

What Wild Animals Eat Morels?

Morel mushrooms are a favorite part of spring. Their unique nutty flavor makes them a favorite of mushroom hunters throughout the Northern Hemisphere. But did you know many animals enjoy eating morels as well? Each spring, it’s often a race to see who can get to the tasty mushrooms first. So, what wild animals eat … Read more

where do wrens roost in winter

Where Do Wrens Sleep At Night?

Wrens are tiny birds with big personalities. Though their loud trilling calls are familiar sounds in many parts of the world, these shy birds often try to stay out of sight of humans. Part of how they do this is by choosing safe, sheltered places to roost. What are some of these places? Where do … Read more

What is a Poplar Tree

Poplar Vs Pine Tree: Side By Side

There are many different kinds of trees in the world, and it can be challenging to keep them all straight. Some people may find it easy to confuse poplars and pines because of their similar-sounding names, but these two trees are actually quite different. Keep reading as we compare the poplar vs the pine, discussing … Read more

How Do You Preserve a Rattlesnake Skin

How To Preserve Rattlesnake Skin?

Rattlesnakes can be frightening creatures–their venom can cause serious neurologic symptoms and even death. And yet, the patterns on their back are intriguing–some might even say beautiful. So, perhaps you found a recently-dead rattlesnake, or you found their shed skins in your yard; is there a way to preserve some of its beauty? What if … Read more

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